Din momentele mele

can you feel…?
can you open your eyes
can you see and hear
echoes of dying fear
dancing above the fire
in the night,
dancing shadows you can admire…?
listen stay for a while
darkness is a moment
wich last for a mile
of walking by the time
of your life
writting that one rime
wich cuts like a knife
through your memories
being lost
pain brings you back
to the moments when most
you had that chance
of being good
but you didn’t stood
your ego was your food
now fire burns pain
into your eyes
like others were hurt
by your lies
in the endless night
raise your hope
to the skyes
there it lies the truth
the rope that hangs
around your neck
but wich you did stood
finding yourself here now
under a new coat,
under a new law
made by the stars
wrote by the moon
to heal your scars
and soon you’ll realize
there was no price
your ego had to win
your soul has now a new home
a younger skin
skin of a child
skin of a wild beast
you lost your judgement
but at least
you feel what you need to know
flesh seeks the hunter
and you’re not holding the bow
you’re like us, you’re one of us
who we are ,thus
nothing but flowers and trees
nothing bad that our creator sees
we are what we need to be
nameless spirits of the forest
that sets your will to be free

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